How do you build your professional network in a new country?


As a newcomer in a foreign country where you do not know many people or the local language, networking can seem like a very difficult task. Do not be discouraged! You likely already have a network – you just need to learn how to use it.

Think of your network as more than business contacts. If you are involved in religious, social, athletic or charitable organisations, your fellow members are part of your network. Your neighbours, family and friends are part of your network. And your former colleagues, college alumni and professors are part of your network. When you change how you view your network, you will find possibilities all around you.

How can I build my professional network?

There is always room for growth in your professional network. Moving to a new country is an excellent opportunity for expansion. If you are not already involved with some of the following organisations, consider joining as a way to meet new people. Ideas include:

  • Alumni associations
  • Local/international chambers of commerce -> In this case: Oslo Chamber of Commerce
  • Expatriate groups
  • Online professional networking sites (i.e. LinkedIn)
  • Professional associations
  • Volunteer groups/charitable societies

Click here to read the full article and here to see all the activities in your local chamber of commerce.

Source: Impact Group